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YogiPlate: The Fundamentals of Sattvic Food

This book is about Ayurvedic and sattvic cooking principles applied at the ISKCON Mumbai Ashram and Govinda's restaurant from former ISKCON monk and YogiPlate founder Radhavallabha Das. Ayurvedic diet varies by body type, a person's nature, their lifestyle and the food they grew up eating. In this book, we learn how to identify our unique body type, the vegetables, fruits, grains, and spices that will suit us, and how Sattvic food nourishes the body, mind and inner soul. Some food combinations can be toxic for a certain body type. In his simple style, Radhavallabha Das shows us how to pair the correct ingredients, avoid the ones that are harmful to us, and also focus on the oil, salt and water we cook with. This book will teach you how to tailor a unique diet that will nourish you to lead a happy and healthy life.

  • -Written By Radhavallabha Das - (Published by Penguin India)
Sattvic Vegan

There is no scarcity of food recipes in the world. Yet there isquite a gap in the matter of Sattvic food. 'Sattvic Vegan' results from more than two decades of dedicated hard work in thekitchen of ISKCON Chowpatty, Mumbai. Apart from freshingredients, which are gifts of God, what makes foodgreat is the correct recipe, the cook's skill, and mostimportantly, their mindfulness. Cooks, like a mother, a wife, ora sister, need to maintain a positive, loving, and compassionateattitude toward the people they cook for. The food thusprepared will notably nourish the body, mind, and soulof one who eats.At Yogi Plate, we strive to bring the goodness in food byproviding recipes as well as training the hands & the hearts ofthe chefs throughout the world.

  • -Written By Radhavallabha Das