Frequenty Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Yogiplate`s mission is to help health-conscious professionals who need something fresh, balanced, and convenient to eat during their hectic work days. Many people's habits and lifestyles limit them from consistently eating right, and Yogiplate`s vision is to make it easy for people to eat smart and lead a healthy lifestyle. We cook all our meals with fresh ingredients and deliver them daily before lunch and dinner. Our menus were developed and balanced by a dietitian and a chef to guarantee freshness and quality.

The minimum is a $15 order at checkout. However, there are no contracts or commitments. Also, no minimum order is required regarding how many people or days you must order.

Orders can be placed online on our Menu page until midnight of the day before delivery. We accept a few orders the same day until they are sold out.

Your Yogiplate meals will be delivered fresh between the hours of 11:45 am and 1:00 PM pm for your convenience.

All of our meals arrive in individual recyclable/microwave-safe containers. All containers are placed in Yogiplate bags with your name on the bag.

We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover cards. You can also pay using a Coupon on the checkout page.

Our regular menu is low in sodium and with no sugar added. We can also customize it for low-carb, vegan, and regular classic meals.

Currently, we do not provide allergy information. We are working towards this end.

Our containers are made from recyclable paper.

Go to your account --> Orders --> Cancel

We require you to cancel your order on the previous day as we cook fresh.

Go to your account --> Orders --> Cancel

To ensure efficient meal preparation and minimize food waste, please kindly notify us of any order cancellations at least one day before the scheduled delivery. Subscribers may inform us in advance, and we will credit the value of the canceled order to their account. To cancel the order, go to your Account ---> find the order you wish to cancel ---> cancel