If I ask what you want to eat Today, then I am likely to receive a quick response. What if I ask what to cook today? Preparing the right menu is quite challenging. Which food to combine with which other, what is the time, day or season, what ingredient is available in the market, so on… On top of that there is no time to plan a menu for our food. Wait a minute, and what is best for my health? Food is important because it can build our body or it can cause our medical bill to go up (another blog by this title name is coming up). Food is so intimate that we take it right into our body. That much trust we have on food. In fact, food we eat makes us what we are. So how important it is to understand what should be on the menu for the day?

Designing Right Menu

Choosing the right menu is very personal. It depends who I am, where I come from, which sex I am and so on. Because each individual body is made differently, like the structure of every snowflake. One man's food is poison for others, so goes the saying.

It is important that one eats in one family (of course by that I mean a family where the kitchen is on all day and everyday). Because in a family we generally get food which is suitable to our personality. Now most of you may ask, what if I have moved away from my parental house? What if I am unable to cook, what if I have switched to vegetarian/vegan diet and so on. The answer still is the same- food that is suitable to my persona. All these questions are external and there are so many subtle and powerful aspects of preparing food that can help one to design the correct menu. For example by the use of right grains, lentils, vegetables and spices. Let's explore how to design a personalized menu,

First of all, find the climate that you live in. Because the external climate affects our internal climate. If it is chilly outside then our body needs more calories to burn to keep warmth. So our menu and food tends to be loaded with high calorie food. But if the climate outside is hot then we don't need much food with high calorie values. Yet we need to eat for nourishment and experience of good health, good energy level and happiness. 

Next, find what season we live in and what mother nature offers in that season. Like our own mothers, she provides what is best for us. 

Next, find what food suits you, what you are allergic to, what spices make you happy and what drives you down. 

Now you need to have the knowledge of cooking and recipes to go on to the next step of making a menu. If you don;t know cooking, then discuss it with your cook, who could be your mother, father, sister, brother or anybody else. At this point it is important to know that you eat from the same pairs of hands regularly as your body learns and makes a relationship with that pair of hands. 

Sample menu for Summer:

Vegetable Khichdi, Cabbage pakoras, Lauki Chane ki Sabzi, Jowar Rotis, Mint Chas. 


In summary, to prepare a correct menu, you need to know the place, the climate, the personality and the knowledge of cooking