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Cooking Workshop

Cooking workshop is a program where we teach Basic Principles of Ayurvedic Cooking, how to use recipes and hands on experience of live cooking. This also includes presentations on principles followed in Ayurvedic diet, healthy cooking & eating habits and food & spirituality diet.

To achieve above we offer two different programs.
1. Four-Day Certification Workshop
2. Two-Day Workshop

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Satvik Cooking Workshop by Radha Vallabha Das AT GEV 2017 Part - 2

Sattvic diet, mostly found in Ayurveda and Yoga literature, comprises of foods that contain sattva (goodness) guna (quality). Sattva Guna is responsible for a balanced body and mind. This gives rise to a healthy body and a positive mind. There are two other types.

Perfecting Dosa

Teaching always awards a sublime happiness. And the teacher's happiness becomes complete when the student does better than the teacher. That's the pride of the teacher!
Took this video while teaching. Not so perfect in photography, but captured the mood!

Stanford University Workshop

I travelled in Silicon Valley for past week or so. LA, San Jose and San Francisco. At San Jose Acyuta Caitanya Took me to Stanford University campus where we had a nice workshop and some 25 new comers showed up. This surprised me and made me happy too. Thanks to Madhava P for taking my care during this stay.