Founder: Radhavallabha Das


Rishikesh Event for Astanga Yogis

Event Experience

Radhavallabha Das is with Robert Moses. October 24, 2018 · I just had a great time at Risihikesh! Radhakund P had proposed me an year back that would I like to do a cooking program for an International event with famous Yoga Guru Sharath Jois and Robert Moses? I said yes of course. And these three attracted some 153 astanga yogis from all over the world! From Japan to Mexico and from Australia to Europe! The challenge was immense.. to satisfy such a variety of people from different back ground of food habbits. We had to cook two meals a day and a snack breaker. But my 10 years experience to cook for brahmacharis in Radha Gopinath Mandir ashram in Mumbai really helped. Because here we have brahmacharis from Assam to Gujurat and from Kashmir to Kerala.