Founder: Radhavallabha Das




Radhavallabha, Yoga & Culinary Consultant, a monk of the Bhakti Tradition, Yoga Teacher and compiler of Cook Book (Bhajan se Bhojan), is a M.Tech graduate from prestigious IIT Mumbai. He has a rich experience in Sattvik cooking since past 20 years - Personal Cook of Radhanath Swami, Head Cook ISKCON Mumbai, headed cooking for large gatherings at Kumbha Mela & Yatra Kitchens. Experienced in setting up three pizzerias across Mumbai and Govardhan Eco Village.

He is also featured in Nat Geo Mega Kitchen Series titled 'Yatra Kitchen' and in Zee TV titled ‘Har Koi Chef’. He is a regular presenter on spirituality & health seminars at various forums. He conducts Yoga & Cooking workshops in many countries across the world.

In his learning pursuits for cooking he travelled many traditional temples across India, the UK, Italy, South East Asian countries. He did a YTTC certification programs at Shivananda Yogapitham in Uttar Kashi. Currently he lives in ISKCON Chowpatty, Mumbai and travels all over the world educating and training in sattvik cooking and Yoga.




Raghuraj, Co-founder Yogiplate is a young & energetic engineer from university of Mumbai. Currently he is a monk at Radha Gopinath Temple, ISKCON Chowpatty, where he is involved in various community projects. He has been Internal ISO Audit manager for Kitchen Department since past 5 years.This Kitchen serves 5000 plates of delicious sanctified meals every week. Along with Radhavallabha he is a part of a team which cooks 5000 to 15000 plates of food in mega kitchens like in Kumba Mela and Yatra(Holy Trips).

He also looks after media services of temple besides many other responsibilities. He has been active in Yogiplate since its inception organising and networking many sattvik cooking workshops. He takes special interest in introducing healthy organic food.

He has been practicing yoga since past 6 years. Together with Radhavallabha he helps conduct many Yoga Workshops. He is also a very good presenter of philosophy of Bhagawad Gita and health seminars.



Raghuraj Das




" This is the most amazing experience to learn how to cook Indian food. I never had such a learning experience. Its really amazing and I am really excited to be here. "

-- Stacy

" The workshop style is simply fantastic. Different group of cooks doing different things- one is cooking khichri, one is cooking paratha.. It's all super fun learning to cook here.. It's amazing. Thank you! "

-- Matt